Jute Raw ( reuse and Process)


  •    Packaging for products like coffee, rice, cocoa, nuts etc
  •    Other bags made from raw jute such as hand bags, wine bottle bags, sling bags etc
  •    Textiles made from raw jute including jute hessian cloth (or burlap), geo textiles and yarn
  •    Non-Textile, Moulding And Spinning Industries
  •    Rugs and carpets (Carpet Backing).
  •    As Pulp to make paper, instead of wood pulp with increasing concern over forest destruction.
  •    Jute handicrafts such as coasters, table mats and wall hangings
  •    Felt and webbing made from raw jute.
  •    Jute furnishings such as mats, cushion covers and upholstery.
  •    Jute jackets, footwear and fashion accessories.


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